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Insider:donjon et dragon

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Les differents atout qu'offre d&d 4.0 avec son d&d insider


Screenshot - Character Builder
Try Out the Character Builder

Making characters has never been easier—or more enjoyable. D&D Insider subscribers can create characters from levels 1 to 30. Start rolling up characters. Level ‘em up. Try different builds. Explore every option and possibility you can think of—from paragon paths to epic destinies and everything in between.

Not yet a subscriber? You can still demo the Character Builder to create characters from levels 1 to 3. And when you’re ready to subscribe, you can unlock the rest of the fun!

If you use the 64 bit Vista OS, please read these instructionsbefore downloading. If your computer doesn’t have .NET 3.5 SP1, installing it directly from Microsoft here before running the Character Builder will shorten the installation process. If you have previously been using the Beta, we recommend that you first uninstall it.

Download the Character Builder Now.

Read the Character Builder FAQ.

Screenshot - What is the Character Builder?
What is the Character Builder?
The D&D Character Builder allows you to fill out a character record sheet as well as select and create power reference cards for your D&D character. You can print them out for home game use and update them online. The character sheet and power cards make it easy to keep track of all of your character's vital game statistics and abilities. System Requirements.
Screenshot - Character Building Made Easy
Character Building Made Easy
The D&D Character Builder automatically calculates your character"s statistics based on your choice of race, class, trained skills, equipment, feats, and powers. It also creates power reference cards for you based on your choice of powers.
Screenshot - Create an Official Character
Create an Official Character
The D&D Character Builder searches the database for options appropriate to your character. Subscribers can make informed choices by "clicking" on each option and seeing the complete rules text for it.
Screenshot - Create a Homebrew Character
Create a Homebrew Character
If you select feats, equipment, and powers inappropriate for your character"s race, class, or level, the D&D Character Builder flags your character as a "homebrew" creation. You can also assign homemade feats, powers, and items to your "homebrew" character.


D&D Compendium
The D&D Compendium
For details on powers, items, rituals, and monsters over 3rd level, plus all paragon and epic tier feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies, plus complete material beyond the PH, MM, and DMG, subscribe now. Gain full access to the complete rules text for all these elements—from every D&D rulebook and online magazine article. The D&D Compendium offers you the fastest way to find what you’re looking for—and to discover even more.















And more...

The Encounter Builder helps you build balanced encounters by automating the Encounter Components section of theDungeon Master's Guide.

The Ability Generator makes it easy for you to craft your character's ability scores using the "point buy system" presented in the Customizing Scores section of the Player’s Handbook.

The Monster Builder is a multistep, complex Flash tool that helps DMs generate stats and attacks for standard monsters from level 1 to level 40.  




Upcomming features:

The Character Visualizer will bring PCs out of your imagination and onto your character sheet and computer screen with fully rendered 3D models. The Dungeon Builder provides digital Dungeon Tiles and animated effects that will allow you to craft explorable environments filled with danger and reward. And it’ll all come together with the D&D Game Table, when you and your friends can share adventures—regardless of where you are.




Subscribe to D&D Insider
When you subscribe to D&D Insider, you get complete, instant access to every feature and tool currently available:
The D&D Character Builder provides everything you need for creating character levels 1 to 30.
Dragon and Dungeon magazine content—about 120 pages of all-new material, with updates posted several times a week—and a PDF compilation of every issue at the end of the month
Full access to the D&D Compendium, regularly updated with material (and rules text) from every D&D rulebook and online magazine article
Bonus Tools that will help you spend less time prepping for your game and more time playing it: the Encounter Builder, Monster Builder, and Ability Generator


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